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With the current depletion of valuable resources,
dChang Architects, LLC identifies the resources
available and benefits to the client in energy and
resource savings. Resources and practices that
will contribute to renewal and sustainability:

  • Sustainable Site Design
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy and Atmosphere Practices
  • Materials and Resources Consideration
  • Indoor Environmental Quality

In today's advancement and innovation in solar
technology, solar energy is becoming the
leading component of energy source. This
source of energy can reduce dependence on
foreign resources while curbing emissions. With
Federal, State and Utility Company assistance in
solar energy, this would further promote a
cleaner, healthier and secure environment for
future generations.

In addition to the traditional quality of
architectural design services offered, dChang
Architects, LLC pursues excellence, while
promoting and incorporating solar, sustainable
& renewable resources into practice, educating
the public of its beneficial impact.

dChang Architects, LLC has multiple design
experiences in small commercial, residential,
interior and tenant improvements. Architectural
Design should reflect the blend of the client's
needs with the experience and the knowledge of
the architect. The use of material, color,
proportion, function, form, space and scale are
some of the major integral components that will
establish a building's identity.
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"The Client is an integral part
of, and contributing entity in the
design process that will
produce a successful and
quality architectural project."

"The design is the Client."